Welcome to Southpoint Industries

Southpoint Group consists of six companies, the first of which was established in 1988.

The factory occupies some 30,000 square metres. Our core business is Polypropylene woven and packing industry.

We are considered to be one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers in the industry, equipped with the most advanced equipment – comprising numerous extruders, weaving looms, printing machines, cutting and sewing machines, coating lines, bailing, twine making, webbing and recycle machines.

Through the synergy of our offices, warehousing and manufacturing plants located centrally and close to a port, as well as associated companies abroad which includes New Hao Enterprise, Co. Ltd, Taiwan, Southpoint has the capacity and expertise to serve both local and world markets.

Long Term Strategy

  • To continue offering quality and service at the most competitive pricing.
  • To remain innovative and keep abreast of changing methods of production and updated equipment available.
  • To continue its growth in Capacity, Customer Base and Sales Turnover.
  • To continue the training of unskilled labour – to provide them with the means of sustaining a living.
  • To strive for greater market share through aggressive, strategic marketing.
  • To continue contribution on local economic development.


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